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Building Power Math Learners Through

Taking Risks | Working Persistently | Communicating Productively

Our PK-8 Math Program is designed to support the three SMFCSD Strategic Plan Goals:

  1. Create learning opportunities for all PreK to 8 students resulting in closing the achievement gap and culminating in personal and academic success in high school and beyond.

  2. Reduce inequitable outcomes for all students and staff by prioritizing equity, access, and inclusion.

  3. Provide a safe, caring, nurturing and culturally responsive environment for all students to meet the needs of the whole child. 

Common Core State Standards

Mission and Vision, Mathematics

SMFC students become enthusiastic and proficient learners of mathematics who are able to share their thinking, use multiple representations, and build on the ideas of others.

Increase meaningful mathematical discourse and sense-making to build fluency, flexibility, and strategic competence in all students.

Our TK-8 Math Program: