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Welcome to College Park Elementary School!

Headshot of Principal Estonina

Hello, 你好, Hola, Aloha, 안녕하세요, Kamusta, नमस्ते,Привіт and welcome to College Park Elementary School, home of the Pandas!  My name is Mrs. Angienette Desuyo Estonina, and I am honored to be returning as the Principal of College Park Elementary School.   I joined the College Park Family last year and feel so fortunate to be part of an amazing school community that is dedicated to raising a generation of global and civic minded leaders who are kind, caring, compassionate, innovative and eager to make their mark on the world!    

Here’s a little bit about me: I have ancestral roots in the Luzon Region of the Philippine Islands, and was born and raised in San Francisco, California.  My parents immigrated from the Philippines to seek a better life for themselves and their family in the early 60’s.   I am one of 6 children, and am a first generation college graduate, the first of my siblings to earn a college and graduate school degree as a full time working student.  My post secondary career started at City College of San Francisco where I was able to explore different interests while trying to figure out what my purpose was.  I realized, while serving as a Para Educator in San Francisco Unified School District in the late 80’s, that teaching was my calling!  I transferred to San Francisco State University, where I earned my Liberal Studies Degree, with an emphasis in Social Psychology and Elementary Education, and went on to U.C. Berkeley to earn my Multiple Subjects Teaching Credential and Masters in Arts Developmental Education in 1992.  I started my teaching career in West Contra Costa Unified School District as a combination 4th/5th Grade Teacher, then landed a teaching position in San Francisco Unified School District in 1994, where I spent most of my career.  I LOVE being an educator and was encouraged by one of my former Principal’s to pursue a career as an Administrator, at which point, I returned to U.C. Berkeley to continue my studies toward my Administrative Credential and Masters Degree in Education, with an emphasis on Social Justice and Equity.   I married my college sweetheart, and we raised 3 children who were also born and raised in San Francisco.  We also adopted and rescued two dogs: Blanca and Rojo, who are also part of the Estonina Family.  I am a foodie and love to travel!  I also enjoy dancing, singing, being in the outdoors (especially the beach), visiting museums, listening to live music or seeing a great Broadway Show or play.  I am more an informational reader, and especially enjoy reading research, articles, and stories about people and places.  I also consider myself a lifelong learner.  My latest and ongoing pursuit is learning more about neurodiversity and neuroscience, and maintaining wellness through laughter, meditation, mindfulness practice, yoga and water Zumba!  

I have dedicated over 30 years of my professional career serving students and families in a variety of roles as a Paraeducator, Elementary Classroom Teacher, Mentor, Coach, Content Specialist and Supervisor for Multilingual Learners, and Principal and feel fortunate to be in a career that I am deeply passionate about.  During the height of the pandemic, and before coming to College Park, I decided to return to the classroom for two years and learn how to create nurturing and rich asynchronous and synchronous learning experiences for students in collaboration with colleagues and families, during a time of great urgency, need and uncertainty.  My return to the classroom, and my first year at College Park validated my belief in the power of “WE,” community, and the utmost importance to create a loving, inclusive, and supportive space for all stakeholders, especially for those who bring all of us together - the CHILDREN!  

This school year, let’s always remember that we are “strongest together,” to lean into adversity and conflict with curiosity, to know that transformational change is uncomfortable, communication is key and necessary, and that we each don’t know everything and that we know A LOT together.  

I bring to you the values I was raised with: love, compassion, empathy, resilience, forgiveness, and the Bayanihan Spirit, a Filipino value that means civic unity, collectivism, and collaboration.

Margaret Wheatley stated, “There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about.”  I am looking forward to learning what you and your children care about, learning about the impact you and your child wish to make in our community and the world and to do the work together! 

With gratitude and joy!

Mrs. Angienette Desuyo Estonina, she/her/hers/siya

Principal | College Park Elementary School