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Mandarin Immersion

At College Park all regular education students receive a differentiated, standards based, academically enriched and challenging education in two languages, Mandarin and English. The Mandarin immersion program was launched by a federal magnet grant in 2007 as a natural extension of the Mandarin elective classes that began in 2004.  Regular education students in all grades receive content-based, thematic Mandarin Immersion instruction. This means that students learn to understand, speak, read,and write Mandarin and use Mandarin to learn other subjects such as math, social studies, PE and science.  Students have both English and Mandarin teachers, materials, textbooks, and classrooms. 

College Park also continues its focus on Gifted and Talented Education (GATE), the 2004-07 federal magnet school theme. For more information on GATE visit the SMFCSD website.

Mandarin Immersion and GATE are natural, complementary programs at College Park.  Students apply critical thinking, problem solving and advance vocabulary development in both languages and across all disciplines.  Students move fluidly between classrooms and teachers to receive outstanding instruction throughout their bilingual day.